• Easy To Shopping in Korea

    Keep in safe your credit card and just scan QR for pay.

  • Features

    You can use the WaraPay same way both of On-line and Off-line.

    QR 코드 결제

    Scan QR code

    When you tour in Korea, you will find many QR codes in the shop. Do not use the credit card every time. Install WaraPay App and one minute, you can sign up and use immediately.

    스마트폰 포스 시스템

    Use your smart phone

    WaraPay can be used same way in offline stores, online shopping malls, and kiosks if you have a smartphone without any device or equipment.

    IoT 사물인터넷

    More than payment

    In addition to simple payment, Warapay can safely access various devices in public places while protecting personal information such as office locks, renting bicycles, and so on.



    You can pay money and receive money by WaraPay.

    아이폰 와라페이 앱
    구글 와라페이 앱
  • How to use

    If you have a smartphone, you can use it right now.



    Download and Install App


    You can download WaraPay mobile app on your phone and install it.


    Register / Login


    Using your mobile phone number receive SMS identify code.

    And you can register/login using this identification code.


    Add Credit Card


    You can add your credit card in account information tab.

    After confirm it you can use it.


    Scan QR code for pay


    If you find QR code in shop for payment, you can scan it and you can pay.

  • Customer Service / Q&A

    If you have any questions, please contact us.


    텔레그램 와라페이 문의


  • Business Alliance Contact

    WaraPay aims to grow with partners.